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About the founder

My name is Qing Ye also known as Chineseqing and I was born in Beijing on the 1st May 1982 in the year of the Dog.

I went to both Primary, Junior, High School in Beijing and then on to University in 2001, where I got a  Degree in English which took me 5 years.

While I was at University I Passed the Beijing English Speaking Tour Guide Exam ( passing rate is around 26% ) and received the tour guide license certified by Beijing Tourism Administration (BTA). Then i started to work part time for a Travel Agency.

Later, believing that I could do much more than being a shopping advisor I started  to find my own clients who were real tourists and wanted to know about Beijing, The Great Wall, Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City simply by talking to people.

From 2005,Tourists who had hired me started to give me excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.   And my professional tour guide career was launched by these unsolicited recommendations.

In 2006 ,I Graduated from North China Institute of Science and Technology with a Bachelor Degree in English.

I met my future husband Wang Chenwho has over 2000 model cars and who now works with me in the tourist industry  on the internet and later we had a traditional Chinese Wedding in the Bai Family Reception Centre

In 2007 we bought a van and Wang Chen  gave up his job and we started to work together and  I became the Number 1 guide in Beijing and this went on for several years.

During the past ten years, besides working as a tour guide, I myself have travelled a lot within China.  China is a very huge country with a very long history and many different lifestyles and customs ( there are 56 minorities races ).   I believe from my own travelling experience I can give my guests an authentic portrait of the rich and very diversified Chinese culture as a whole.   Knowing Beijing is not enough because it is only a city, a small piece of the big puzzle or masterpiece.

During a trip to the southern part of China in 2010  I met a living Buddha (monk).  Then I travelled to Tibet to visit his village where I saw all the Tibetan children.  To make the story short, my friends and I at the end had decided to sponsor these kids to school.   That's life.

Most tourists go to places to take pictures, to shop and to eat.  When they go home they have only the pictures and souvenirs to remember.Therefore it is my desire and goal to bring my guests in touch of the local people so that they can bring home the pictures of feelings and hospitality and the souvenirs of friendship and goodwill.    It is also my passion to try to be a good China ambassador in tourism.

Finally a thank you note.    I sincerely thank all the guests who in Tripadvisor have given me the rating of Excellence and called me  " The Amazing Qing "  and  " The best guide in the world ".    Your compliments and praises have humbled me.   For me there is nothing more gratifying than seeing so many of my guests who have  had an extraordinary, enriching, rewarding, thrilling and memorable travel experience in China.   I keep a diary of all my guests.   We may never meet again but I will  always remember you.    Thank you all again.

I look forward to receiving your e-mails ( or look me up on my web page ( and maybe meeting you in person when you want a guide.


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