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Longqing Gorge +Badaling Great Wall Day Tour

BJ-51(Not Running during the Chinese Public holiday)

The Longqing Gorge is flanked on both sides by green peaks. People often say Longqing Gorge is a small Li River in Guilin, a small three gorges on the Yangtze river.
Badaling Great Wall

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Depart your hotel at 8:30 am
On the way to Badaling Great Wall, if traffic allows, stop to photograph the iconic "Bird's Nest"– the Beijing National Stadium–host to many spectacular events of the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Once arrive at the Badaling Great Wall,you’ll enjoy a less hurried experience and spend 2 hours to marvel at this wondrous structure and the surrounding hillsides that look north toward Mongolia.The name of Badaling could be dated back to Arriving at Badaling at Night, Ascending Until Dawn, and Leaving Badaling, long poems of Liu Ying, a poet of Jin Dynasty. In Yuan Dynasty, it was referred to as the “north mouth” as opposed to the “south mouth”, which is found in Changping district, northern Beijing. There is a 40-kilometer gorge from the south mouth to the north mouth, which accommodates to the famous Juyong Pass of Great Wall
Badaling Great Wall embodies the wisdom and civilization of the Chinese nation. It is laid with historical heritages of thousands of years. Badaling Great Wall, a place contested by all strategists since ancient times, is endowed with new historical missions these days. It strides across high mountains, straddles deep oceans, crosses time and space, and serves as a bridge of friendship for all people of the world.

 There is a 40-kilometer gorge from the south mouth to the north mouth, which accommodates to the famous Juyong Pass of Great Wall. In this sense, the gorge is also known as Guangou (pass gorge). Badaling sits at the highest point in the northern end of Guangou. Here, two mountain summits stand opposite each other, leaving a channel in the middle. It looks down from a height, featuring imposing circumstances. Looking down from Badaling at Juyong Pass, we feel as if peeping at other’s roofs or courtyards. Therefore, there went the old saying that Juyong Pass was strategically important in Badaling rather than the Pass itself. Because of the special topography, the Badaling mountain pass turned into a place contested by all strategists in the old days. It had always been heavily stationed. It could be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period for Badaling to develop into a strategic military location.
Stop at a Local Restaurant for lunch
Then drive to the Longqing Gorge,It is located about 80 kilometers to the north of Beijing. The Longqing Gorge is flanked on both sides by green peaks.People often say Longqing Gorge is a small Li River in Guilin, but it is more beautiful than Li River; it is a small three gorges on the Yangtze River, but it is more dangerous than the Three Gorges.
The Longqing Gorge Mouth is towered by a reinforced concrete hyperbolic-arch dam which is 72 meters high and 90 meters long. There are two north-south tunnels at both ends of the dam. The South Tunnel is about 300 meters long, which reaches straight through beyond the mountains, while the North Tunnel is about 100 meters long, leading to the North Shipway. With a total length of 258 meters, Telron escalators have been built on the steep cliffs, which act as entrance routes into the scenic spot. They are large outdoor fully-closed dragon-shaped escalators. Tourists can take the escalators up to the terminal where tourists may take boats into the deep and secluded valleys inside the Longqing Gorge. The valleys feature beautiful scenery and clear water like mirrors, where tourists feast their eyes with not only cliffs, peaks and steep rocks, but also with many stone cones, stone swords, stone pillars, solution crevices.etc
Return to hotel around 6 pm

The pick up location is in your hotel's lobby,your guide will hold a sign with your name writen on

This is the most popular section of the Wall in China,so during the Chinese holiday it will be super crowded,please note  this tour is not running during the public holiday,please choose other sections of the Wall instead
It's a heavy day with a lot of hiking. So be sure to wear comfortable shoes and have a good sleep the day before
This is an exclusive private day Tour. Once your tour is confirmed, that tour will no longer be available to anyone else except for your own traveling party.
We offer the Authantic Chinese food in the local restaurant,if you have special request please tell us in advance
'The quotated price is for a tour between 8 to 9 hours,additional hours are billed $15  per hour  for the guide and $15 per hour for the driver.
The itinerary is flexible,we can adjust it according to your personal interests/weather/any unexpected conditions
At the moment we only have three English speaking drivers,don't worry if they already booked ,we do have Chinese speaking driver available, they can use their phone to call our translator at any time for help
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12-15 Persons $118
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Additional Activites inside the Long Qing Gorge
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