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Beijing 3 Days Essence City Break


 See the highlight attractions - Tiananmen SquareForbidden CityTemple of Heaven, Summer Palace 
 Hike the most beautiful section of the Great Wall - the Mutianyu Great Wall
Take a pedicab to explore the hutongs, old part of Beijing, Old Courtyard and Drum Tower 
Have an outside look at the Bird's Nest and Water Cube, a magic for the 2008 Olympic Games
Enjoy the Chinese amazing Acrobatic show,  
Visit the  The Lama Temple --one of the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world
Visit the Panda House in The Beijing Zoo
Enjoy 3 Chinese lunches+one peking duck Dinner
 Lunch in the Local family with the homemade lunch
Helpful and knowledgeable private English speaking tour guide
Enjoy Private air-condtioned vehicle 

Beijing ( L )

Depart your hotel at 9am
Exploring one of the world’s largest public areas—Tiananmen Square, home to the National Museum of China, the mausoleum of Mao Zedong and the great Monument to the Peoples’ Heroes. Pass through the south gate to the magnificent Forbidden City, a 250-acre complex of courtyards, palaces, pavilions and gardens, which served as the imperial palace for emperors and their households for more than 500 years
The Forbidden City was the imperial palace from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is located in the middle of Beijing,, and now houses the Palace Museum. For almost 500 years, it served as the home of emperors and their households, as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government.
The palace complex exemplifies traditional Chinese palatial architecture,and has influenced cultural and architectural developments in East Asia and elsewhere.
The Forbidden City was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987,and is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world
 Lunch in the Local restaurant

Contunue to The Lama Temple --one of the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world
Situated on the east side of Yonghegong Street in the northeastern corner of the city, the Yonghe Lamasery is the largest and best-known lamasery in Beijing. The principal components are three exquisite memorial archways and five major halls, all of which stand on a north-south axis. The total area of the compound calculated from the southernmost memorial archway to the lamasery; s northernmost point is 66,400 square meters.
To the Drum Tower,Watch the Drum beaten performance(the last performance is at 4:50pm) at the Drum tower,then take the rickshaw to explore the local allays,you will visit a local family to see the courtyard as well.Bell tower have an interesting teahouse, if you want to learn the tea culture this is an option
The Drum Tower was built in 1272 during the reign of Kublai Khan, at which time it stood at eh very heart of the Yuan capital Dadu. At that time it was known as the Tower of Orderly Administration (Qizhenglou). In 1420, under the Ming Emperor Yongle, the building was reconstructed to the east f the original site and in 1800 under the Qing Emperor Jiaqing, large-scale renovations were carried out. In 1924, the name of the building was changed to the Tower of Realizing Shamefulness (Mingchilou) and objects related tot eh Eight-Power Allied Forces' invasion of Beijing and later the May 30th Massacre of 1925 were put on display. Nowadays, the upper story of the building serves as the People's Cultural Hall of the East City District.
Take the rickshaw along the Hutong allay and visit a local family in their courtyard home,to see how the local's living condition
Enjoy the Chinese amazing Acrobatic show 
Return to hotel around 7pm

Beijing (L)

Depart your hotel at 8:30am
Once arrive at the The Mutianyu Great Wall,you’ll enjoy a less hurried experience and take time to marvel at this wondrous structure and the surrounding hillsides .Mutianyu is a bit more rugged and slightly less crowded than the more famous Badaling. Over 96% of Mutianyu is covered by trees and orchards, keeping the air fragrant with chestnut blossoms in the spring and fresh all year long.
Stop at a Local Restaurant for lunch
Then  Visit the  Ding Ling at Ming tombs.Ming tombs was listed as World Culture Heritage which was surrounded by mountains.Dingling is the only emperor's tomb open to the public .
Dingling was built in 1590. Emperor Shen Zong and the empress were buried there in 1620. After it was built, the underground palace was covered with deep soil. The people in charge of the tomb construction and later burial of the imperials erected the tablet as a sign for relocating the underground palace when needed.
Drive Passby the National Stadium for photo
Return to hotel around 6pm

Beijing (L)(D)

Depart your hotel at 8:30am
Your exploration begins with a visit  to the stunning Temple of Heaven visited by the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies of prayer to Heaven
The Temple of Heaven is one of several worship sites in the capital where the emperors offered sacrifices. Its location in the city derives from the notion that yang,the mal vital principle,is located n the south;and as Heaven is yang,it should be worshipped in the southern suburbs of the capital.
The Temple of Heaven was constructed between 1406 and 1420 during the reign of Ming Emperor YongLe (reign: 1403-1424), who also oversaw the creation of the Forbidden City during the same period.
Visit the Pandas in The Beijing Zoo.With over 600 animal species on display, including China's national treasure, the giant panda , but also the golden monkey, Yangtze alligators...
Stop at a Local Restaurant for lunch
Contunue to a well-preserved royal garden, the Summer Palace. Renowned for its beautiful landscape and spectacular architecture, the Summer Palace has been listed in the World Heritage Sites and considered as one of the most classical gardens of the world.
Renowned for its beautiful landscape and spectacular architecture, the Summer Palace has been listed in the World Heritage Sites and considered as one of the most classical gardens of the world.The Summer Palace, originally named Qingyi Yuan or the Garden of Clear Ripples, was first constructed in 1750. It was razed to the ground by the Anglo-French Allied Forces in 1860. The Government of the Qing Dynasty started to rebuild it in 1886 with funds that it had misappropriated from the Imperial Navy and other sources. Renamed two years later as Yihe Yuan or the Garden of Health and Harmony, it was supposed to serve as a summer resort for the Empress Dowager Cixi. Known also as the Summer Palace, it was ravaged by the Allied Forces of the Eight Powers that invaded China in 1900. The damage was repaired in 1902. 
Peking Duck dinner at Local Restaurant
Peking Duck is originally from Beijing, which is the capital of Mainland China. It is prepared with a kind of fruit tree, so it has a fruity flavor. Its skin is very crispy. You also eat it in a very special way. First you need to use a special bread. Then you can start your tasty meal. Usually, you cannot finish a whole Peking Duck, so you can make soup with the leftovers.
Most Chinese people are very fond of Peking Roast Duck. You can go to a Chinese restaurant to order this dish rather than prepare it at home because it takes some time to cook it, and you need a lot of things to prepare it.
Return to hotel around 7pm
Pearl Market For the Bargainning shopping is an Option

The pick up location is in your hotel's lobby,your guide will hold a sign with your name writen on


This is an exclusive private day Tour. Once your tour is confirmed, that tour will no longer be available to anyone else except for your own traveling party.
We offer the Authantic Chinese food in the local restaurant,if you have special request please tell us in advance
'The quotated price is for a tour between 8 to 9 hours,additional hours are billed $15  per hour  for the guide and $15 per hour for the driver.
The itinerary is flexible,we can adjust it according to your personal interests/weather/any unexpected conditions
From January 1st, 2014, the Forbidden City will be closed on every Monday (except the public holidays and July 1 – Aug.31) for the examination and maintenance of the ancient palace architecture and the cultural relics.
So we will arrange the day to the Forbidden City accordingly.
Notice for the one who want to go into the Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall:
For political reasons, Chairman Mao's Mausoleum can close to the public without prior notice.In addition, please dress appropriately (Long pants, sleeved shirt,Formal shoes) when visiting Chairman Mao's Mausoleum. Those wearing shorts or slippers are not allowed to enter the building. Bags and cameras are not allowed to be taken inside, you may leave them with your guide.Please bring your passport or any card with your photo on to enter Chairman Mao's Mausoleum 
Discover Beijing Tours offer these services for free, let us know in advance if you need 
    Child safety seats

Children's Discount
In China,children's discount are based on height,please let us know your children's height,so we can give you the children's discount accordingly  

Travel Terms & Conditions

The purchase of any travel services offered by Discover Beijing Tours, constitutes a contractual arrangement between you and Discover Beijing Tours, and represents your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand the Terms & Conditions prior to booking. These Terms & Conditions cover Deposit & Final Payment information, Air-Inclusive Deposits & Final Payment, Revisions & Revision Fees, Air Arrangements, Participation, Travelers Who Need Special Assistance, Young Travelers, Smoking, Price Policy, Visas and Passports, Hotels & Accommodations, Baggage Allowance, Travel Documents, Not Included in the Land Price, Refunds, Service Inquires After the Vacation, Holidays, Safety, Photos & Pictures, Optional Excursions, and Responsibility.
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Travelling Party Tour Cost Per Person(High Season)
1 Person $1058
2 Persons $638
3 Persons $528
4 Persons $468
5 Persons $418
6 Persons $388
7 Persons $368
8 Persons $348
9 Persons $328
10 persons and above Please contact us for detailed quotation

High Season – Mar. 1st to Nov 30th   Shoulder Season – Dec 1st to Feb 28th, 2013

Experienced Tour Guide
Comfortable Transportation with an Experienced Driver
.Entrance fees and meals (L-Lunch) (D=Dinner)as mentioned
Cable car round trip or Ski-lift up and Tobaggan down Tickets
Chinese Acrobatic show VIP Ticket
Dragon Boat on the Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace(Boat is not running if meet bad weather)
All the prices for the tour above are subject to reconfirmation from our trip advisors when an actual booking is being made. We keep the right to change the itinerary because of traffic, weather, or any other conditions not under our control

Gratuities to your tour guide and driver
Personal cost
Meals not mentioned in the itinerary
Travel insurance 

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Mr. said:
We are intending travelling from Xi'an to Beijing on Sat 22nd of June and are thinking about your 3 day tour.  We depart Beijing on Thursday 27th of June.

Question 1: will you meet us at railway station and take us to the hotel (unknown at the moment) on your day 1?

Question 2; we are free on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (23rd-26th June).  So 4 days for the 3 day tour.  Which days would be best to do the tour perhaps having a day off in between?

Question 3: What will be the price of the tour for 2 people?

Thank you, David
Administrator replaied:
Dear David Thank you for your email.Good to know you have a chance to visit Beijing,regarding your dates and questions ,please have a look at our comment The Tour Day 1,arrive beijing You have two choice,our driver can pick you up from the railway station,then drop you off at your hotel in Beijing or have a guide and driver(you have to pay for the guide as well,but it is up to you,our driver all experienced driver ,although most of them only speak Chinese but they know exactly where to meet the tourists and where to drop you off For 3 days sightseeing,you can have a look at our 3 days package,3 Days Essence City break This tour covers the highlights of Beijing,it also have the price in the website,however,if you want to DIY your tour it is ok,just let us know your ideas,then we can give you a different quotation based on the sites you want to go It not necessary to be continue 3 days,for one day on your own,you can do sunday,to visit the weekend things,such as flea market,798 art district etc.
Etc/GMT-8 Jul.07,2014 08:02
[ replay ]
Ms.Vanessa Lopez said:
I am interested in the Beijing 3 days Essence City Break Tour, day 1 (Aug 2) through day 5 (August 5). This tour would be for 2 people in the high season so total of $1010 USD.

Question1: is this tour available on these dates?

Question 2: Is there a hotel you recommend we stay at? Or a particular region which will be most beneficial or convenient for the driver?

Question 3: On the day of departure, is there a specific time that we will be taken to the airport to catch our flight out?

Thank you,
Etc/GMT-8 Jul.07,2014 08:09
[ replay ]
Ms.Vanessa Lopez said:
I am interested in the Beijing 3 days Essence City Break Tour, day 1 (Aug 2) through day 5 (August 5). This tour would be for 2 people in the high season so total of $1010 USD.

Question1: is this tour available on these dates?

Question 2: Is there a hotel you recommend we stay at? Or a particular region which will be most beneficial or convenient for the driver?

Question 3: On the day of departure, is there a specific time that we will be taken to the airport to catch our flight out?

Thank you,
Etc/GMT-8 Aug.19,2014 06:00
[ replay ]
Ms.Maria B said:
We will be in Beijing from December 27-31 and are interested in the 4 day tour. Our plane leaves on Dec 31 at 1:15 in the morning. Would the driver be able to take us to the airport for a flight leaving at that time?

Also, are the tours on buses or cars?

Administrator replaied:
Dear Maria B Glad to hearing from you ,we would like to offer the best quality private tours for you We offer private tours , during the whole tour you will have your own private English speaking guide and private car. For our 4 days package here is the link, please check and make sure this is the tour you want to book with us For the airport transfer, our services is 24 hours, so don't worry if you have to leave very late at night Looking forward to hearing from you Discover Beijing Tours Team
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