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Beijing-Xi'an one day tour by Flight+Train

Once served as the capital for more than 1200 years, Xian is one of the top ancient cities of China with a history of more than 3000 years. Xian is considered to be the cradle of Chinese civilization and a representative of Chinese culture.

Are you thinking of making a side trip from Beijing to Xian?we have three itineraries for this tour


See the highlight attractions -Terra-Cotta Army,City Wall
Explore the famous Muslim Quarter(if time permit)
Helpful and knowledgeable private English speaking tour guide
Enjoy Private air-condtioned vehicle and airport transfer

Beijing - Xian by overnight train Z19 (19:57 - next day 07:50 am) or T43 (20:48 -next day 09:00)

Pick -up from your hotel in Beijing in the evening,our driver will drop you off at the Beijing west railway station and help you find the right waiting room

Please note:
On the train you are on your own
We offer soft- sleeper for you,which is the four-bed cabin use the public washing room.The train also have the two-bed cabin which has a private washing room,it is a different price,please check the quotation list
The train offer the hot water,sell snacks and drinks.
Have a big dinner before the train is recommend

Arrrive Xi'an,and Flight Back to Beijing during evening

Arriving in Xian at 07:50 am or 9:00am.Our local tour guide in Xi'an will hold a sign with your name on wait you at the exit of the Train station. 

Then heading to the  City Wall in Xian.In 1370,during the reign of hongwu,the first Ming emperor,these walls were built on the foundations of the Tang imperial palace,using rammed earth,quicklime,and glutinous rice extract.The 39-ft(12m) high bastions have bases up to 59 ft(18 m)thick
Explore the famous Muslim Quarter(if time permit)
Actually secluded lanes and corner are where the taste surprise is always hidden and patient exploration is required. The zigzagging local-frequent Xi Yangshi and Bei Guangji Jie (Chinese: 北广济街) lanes are local-frequented and stall-clustered and harbor many authentic taste gems. These lanes have more leisurely life touch: white-skullcap stall owners chitchatting, the white-mustache senior sunbathing in the rocking chair, kids teasing the puppies, etc.
Having lunch in the local restaurant
Then you will have lunch in a local Chinese restaurant,Then heading to the Army of Terra Cotta Warriors.It was discovered in 1974 by peasants digging a well.The awesome ranks of life-size pottery figures,modeled from yellow clay,were made to guard the tomb of Qin Shi Huang,despotic ruuler who unified China over 2,200 years ago.Excavations yielded three pits and over 7,000 soldiers,archers,and horses.Each warrior,originally colored with pigment and holding a weapon,has indiidually crafted expression.The museum and the mausoleum are listed the world's cultural legacies as the UNESCO.

The Terracotta Army is a form of funerary art buried with the Emperor of Qin (Shi Huangdi) in 209-210 BC (his reign over Qin was from 247 BC to 221 BC and unified China from 221 BC to the end of his life in 210 BC). Their purpose was to help rule another empire with Shi Huang Di in the afterlife. Consequently, they are also sometimes referred to as "Qin's Armies". Some people think that the army was also built for protection.

The Terracotta Army was discovered in March 1974 by local farmers drilling a water well to the east of Lishan (Mount Li). Mount Li is also where the material to make the terracotta warriors originated. In addition to the warriors, an entire man-made necropolis for the emperor has been excavated.
After the tour,our guide in Xi'an will drop you off at Xi'an airport,and our Driver will pick you up from Beijing airport and transfer back to your hotel in Beijing
We will choose the late afternoon flight (between 6-8pm)

The pick up location is in your hotel's lobby,your guide will hold a sign with your name writen on


This is an exclusive private day Tour. Once your tour is confirmed, that tour will no longer be available to anyone else except for your own traveling party.
We offer the Authantic Chinese food in the local restaurant,if you have special request please tell us in advance
'The quotated price is for a tour between 8 to 9 hours,additional hours are billed $15  per hour  for the guide and $15 per hour for the driver.
The itinerary is flexible,we can adjust it according to your personal interests/weather/any unexpected conditions
For the Beijing-Xi'an overnight Train ,We will purchase the tickets for you,please send us every pessengers passport's photocopy
Tips for the train travel and type of trains please read OUR TIP
A Full payment or a Deposit of 200USD is required for this tour to pay through Paypal.please contact us to send you the invoice.

Children's Discount
In China,children's discount are based on height,please let us know your children's height,so we can give you the children's discount accordingly

Travel Terms & Conditions

The purchase of any travel services offered by Discover Beijing Tours, constitutes a contractual arrangement between you and Discover Beijing Tours, and represents your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand the Terms & Conditions prior to booking. These Terms & Conditions cover Deposit & Final Payment information, Air-Inclusive Deposits & Final Payment, Revisions & Revision Fees, Air Arrangements, Participation, Travelers Who Need Special Assistance, Young Travelers, Smoking, Price Policy, Visas and Passports, Hotels & Accommodations, Baggage Allowance, Travel Documents, Not Included in the Land Price, Refunds, Service Inquires After the Vacation, Holidays, Safety, Photos & Pictures, Optional Excursions, and Responsibility.
View full Terms & Conditions

Travelling Party Tour Cost Per Person(Private car+English speaking guide)--Soft sleeper+ fly back Tour Cost Per Person(Private car+English speaking guide)--Deluxe Soft sleeper+fly back
1 Person $620 $680
2 Persons $480 $558
3 Persons $435 $498
4 Persons $420 $480
5 Persons $410 $460
6 Persons $405 $445
7 Persons $395 $438
8 Persons $380 $428
9 Persons $370 $418
10 persons and above Please contact us for detailed quotation Please contact us for detailed quotation

Experienced Tour Guide
Comfortable Transportation with an Experienced Driver
.Entrance fees and meals (L-Lunch) (D=Dinner)as mentioned
Beijing-Xi'an Soft /Deluxe sleeper one way ticket+plane ticket from Xi'an  back to Beijing
All the prices for the tour above are subject to reconfirmation from our trip advisors when an actual booking is being made. We keep the right to change the itinerary because of traffic, weather, or any other conditions not under our control

Gratuities to your tour guide and driver
Personal cost
Meals not mentioned in the itinerary
Travel insurance

Booking Note:

You need to send us your photocopy of your passport for the train tickets purchase

Our tour guide in Beijing will not go with you to Xi'an,during the train trip you are on your own,once you arrive Xi'an,our local Xi'an will hold a sign with your name on pick you up from the train station,and later during the day he or she will drop you off at the Xi'an airport,then our driver in Beijing will pick you up from the Beijing international airport

If you want breakfast or dinner which is no including in the price,just tell our guide,they will help you find the place to eat,please pay your own.

Please note:
On the train/plane you are on your own
We offer soft- sleeper for you,which is the four-bed cabin use the public washing room.The train also have the two-bed cabin which has a private washing room,it is a different price,please check the quotation list
The train offer the hot water,sell snacks and drinks.
Have a big dinner before the train is recommend

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